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Danny Miller is the owner of Longview Farm and his son-in-law, Joey Bledsoe, is heavily involved in the day to day operation of the farm.  Danny says, "Being the 4th generation owner, I feel that I am carrying on a tradition that was started over 100 years ago by doing what I feel is necessary to keep the farm going so that it can be passed down from generation to generation. Having a 6th generation involved in the farm just makes us all appreciate having this opportunity, one in which many cannot imagine, especially seeing how much they enjoy it!"  Keeping the farm productive with both cattle and Christmas trees will help our farm remain profitable and help provide for the future generations to have a chance to continue the farming on our family land.  We work closely together as a family and that also helps us keep costs to a minimum. 

Throughout the years, our family has worked together in all our farming projects.  We grew tobacco, cabbage and potatoes for many years and recently began dealing with cattle and Christmas trees.  From growing our own garden to harvesting trees, we all take a part in helping and what money is made just helps to keep it all going.  We feel that time spent together as a family farming cannot be replaced. Danny says, "Tree farming reminds me of something my mother and grandparents would say about tobacco farming.  It is a 13 month a year job because it seems like there is always something to do on a tree farm."